Our Team

The Trans Health & Wellness Center has moved from a board of cisgender persons to a board of governance that better reflects the community that it serves.  The board’s purpose is to review policy, improve quality of care for patients, and review financial records to ensure compliance.  In keeping with the staff that we employ at each of our locations, the new board is comprised of those who are either Transgender, Gender Non-conforming, or Intersex. 

Due to the lack of support for Trans-led organizations across the nation, it is more difficult to receive donations than would be the case were it still led by a cisgender board.  Transphobia and a general lack of understanding adversely impact the relationships within the broader LGBTQ community, inhibiting avenues for success in fulfilling our mission.  This is why raising funds has become all-the-more urgent; as we seek to help those in need amongst Southern California’s TGI population.  The board of governance will continue to be convened to ensure the success of the organization.  We thank you for being a part of our important endeavor. 


Austin Pittman 



Austin identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns. Austin lives in Kentucky with their fiancé and two fury babies. When not working, they enjoy playing video games, reading, and doing crafts like cross-stitching and embroidery. Austin is currently working on their bachelor’s in social work and hopes to work with children who struggle with substance abuse and mental health. They have worked in the healthcare industry for the last 5 years as a utilization review specialist, ensuring that insurance is approved for the client’s stay when they come to rehab for treatment. Helping people is something Austin is very passionate about, and they hope to continue their advocacy for people in our community.

Jamie Woods




Jamie has devoted her life to community outreach. She has served with the Home League Women’s Ministry of the Salvation Army, as an event coordinator at the Unity Fellowship Church (U.C. San Diego), as a group facilitator for Touch Of Love, and as a special events planner for San Diego Pride. She has also served as a member of the Tracy O’Brian Youth Scholarship board for SD-Pride; and is on Estep’s board at U.C. San Diego.

Currently a student at Southwestern College, Jamie has experience in relapse recovery counseling and is a certified Peer Support Specialist. Her passion is assisting and empowering others—especially those in marginalized communities. She has many interests—including mentoring, community- and relationship-building, as well as helping those in substance abuse recovery. As a vocal performing artist, she has sung in the Voice of Our City choir and at U.C. San Diego. She is proud to be the Outreach Ambassador and Volunteer Leader for the Transgender Health and Wellness Center.



Jenny Meza  



Jenny finished her studies in Méxicali Baja California Norte, graduated as a professional technician in quality control at CETIS and working at Bodegas rural Conasupo as a supervisor and manager on duty. Jenny then moved to the United States and started as an employee in a landscaping company and was promoted to general supervisor. Jenny continued studying and finished her GED and applied for a new job in the city of Indio as a supervisor in the public areas of the city, doing this while continuing studies for citizenship of the United States. Jenny continues her studies and works as a general building contractor. She loves serving as an Evangelist, which she graduated as minister and helps with a group called Beyond the Four Walls. She must travel frequently to help with Beyond the Four Walls. Jenny is honored to serve as treasurer for Transgender Health & Wellness Center. Transgender Health & Wellness Center speaks to her heart as she is a transgender woman.   Her lived experience helps her see the needs of other gender groups.   

Executive Team

Thomi Clinton


CEO, founder, and community elder Transgender Health & Wellness Center

Thomi Clinton has been on the forefront of national and regional efforts to secure health care and support services for transgender communities for decades. She is considered an Elder in the Inland Empire by many of the large non-profits and county and city agencies. She has served in an advisory capacity on national policy under two different administrations: the Biden Administration’s LGBTQ+ Health Policy, and the Bush Administration’s Prison Rape Elimination Act, or PREA. Ms. Clinton founded the nonprofit Transgender Community Coalition which contributed to the City of Palm Springs being awarded the best tourist location for LGBTQ+ persons by Expedia. Transgender Health & Wellness Center in 2018 with only $10,000. This now network of Southern California Centers has over a million-dollar budget and employs the most Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming and Intersex (TGI) people of any Southern California nonprofit. She has also worked with Riverside County police departments to implement training and policies to protect TGI people. As a critical consultant on TGI health and wellness policies for the Inland Empire Health Plan, Borrego Health, and DAP Health, she is a regional and national leader and popular speaker on policies related to TGI health and wellness.



Director of Medical Services 

Scott Nass is a board-certified Family Medicine physician and HIV Specialist™ whose clinical practice focuses on enabling affirming care for transgender, gender-diverse, and intersex people.  He is certified in the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care and currently holds the position of Chief Medical Officer for the Transgender Health and Wellness Center in Palm Springs, Riverside, and San Diego. 


He is immediate past president for GLMA: Health Professionals Advancing LGBTQ Equality, where he has served on the board of directors since 2014, and a member of the Medical Advisory Group for interACT: Advocates for Intersex Youth.  He also serves as Regional Medical Director for Aledade, Inc., where he helps independent primary care practices and community health centers achieve positive patient outcomes through a health equity approach. 


Previously, he was Family Medicine residency program director for Eisenhower Health, where he was responsible for the development of curricula and treatment protocols, and a core faculty member with Emanate Health, where he practiced and taught within a Federally Qualified Health Center. 


Dr. Nass earned his MD at Charles R. Drew University and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA following an MPA at Indiana University-Bloomington.  He went on to complete Family Medicine residency at Ventura County Medical Center, followed by fellowships in faculty development at UNC-Chapel Hill, health equity leadership at The George Washington University, and primary care psychiatry at UC-Irvine.  He holds academic appointments at Keck School of Medicine of USC, Loma Linda University School of Medicine, and Western University of Health Sciences. 

Van Ethan Levy 

Director of Behavior Health 


Van is a queer, non binary, trans, socialized as female, Latinx, Egyptian and Jewish, who is autistic and has dynamic disabilities amongst many more historically excluded identities. They are dually licensed as a Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT 11831) and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC 8269), Van is passionate about holding space for all intersections of one’s identity(ies). Van is dedicated to social justice & believes it is vital to cultivate an awareness of our own internal strengths, specifically our resilience as we continue to grow and discover ourselves. Van believes it is important to trust and validate our experience(s) & journey(s). Van aims to use a trauma informed lens and hopes to help you learn ways to help support yourself in the best way possible. Van also provides trainings on trans and non binary identities, is author of the interactive book Exploring My Identity(ies) (2020), produced a Documentary called Do Something: Trans & Non Binary Identities (2021), put on an international conference called Do Something: Identity(ies) (2022) (with the recordings available for purchase) and developed No More GateKeeping app that provides trauma-informed questions for the provider to use during the assessment with the clients and populates a letter, and the founder of No More GateKeeping national list of providers who all agree to provide assessments & write letters in one assessment. 

Jocelyn Kennedy: 


Director of Operations 


Born in California and raised in New Hampshire, Jocelyn first moved to the Coachella Valley nearly 30 years ago. Studying history at UCLA showed her how transitory and hard-earned human rights and dignity can be, and her early attempts to transition taught her how inadequate and often hostile the healthcare system can be at meeting the needs of TGI+ people. This has informed a deep desire to improve the adequacy of care and resources available to the TGI+ community, one which she has been fortunate enough to pursue in her years with the Transgender Health & Wellness Center.  She oversees our policy committee for the Transgender Health & Wellness Center. 

Renae Punzalan:


Director of Outreach


Renae is the Director of Outreach of the Transgender Health & Wellness Center in Palm Springs. Born and raised in Guam, she is a native Chamorro. She relocated to Los Angeles, California to pursue her dreams as a dancer and writer. While there, she worked as a freelance Entertainment Journalist with Reuters Television, interviewing celebrities from the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Robert Downey Jr. Her LGBTQ advocacy began in Guam. and continued in Los Angeles, where she volunteered with various organizations like Gender Justice L.A. and the L.A. LGBT Center. In 2020, she relocated to the Coachella Valley to join the cast of AsiaSF Palm Springs, an all-Trans cabaret dinner show. Her mission as an artist and activist is to empower Transgender and gender non-binary people; and to work to ensure the advancement of underserved and marginalized communities. Renae oversees our Outreach Committee for the Transgender Health & Wellness Center.

Michael Bay: 


Chief Financial Officer 


Born in California and was raised in Downey, California.  Mike is our Chief Financial Officer.  He has his bachelor’s degree in business management from Whittier City College.  Mike is passionate about LGBTQ+ rights and an advocate for homelessness.  He has two dogs named Savannah and Tessa. Mike spent over 25 years in the corporate world and worked for a major food ingredient distributor.  Michael oversees our finance committee with the Transgender Health & Wellness Center.   


City of Palm Springs

Briana Garcia: 


Registered Nurse for Palm Springs 


Born in California and raised in Coachella.  Briana is the Registered Nurse for the Palm Springs TH&WC location.  She is an avid reader and volunteers at the Coachella Library.   


Nell Smith:   


Senior Crises Case Manager Primarily Inland Empire 


Nell is a case manager and housing coordinator for the Transgender Health & Wellness Center.  Originally from the Philippines, she spent her years growing up in Oahu, where she attended the University of Hawaii.  Nell later transferred to California State University at Dominguez Hills, where she completed a bachelors in communications, and eventually earned a masters in behavioral science.  Nell oversees our homeless programs committee for Transgender Health & Wellness Center.   

After graduating from college, Nell was a professional journalist (and editor-in-chief) at the online travel publication, eTurboNews.  The experience afforded her the opportunity to travel to 70 countries.  Having a global perspective equipped her for her vocation helping Trans people realize their dreams—serving her community with an open mind and open heart. 


Daniella Pineda:   


Trans Navigator for Palm Springs 


Daniella was born in Mexico and came to the U.S. in 2005 when she was seven years old.  She grew up in Beaumont, California, where she graduated from High School in 2017.  Her hobbies include dancing and interior design. 

Daniella graduated from Crafton Hills College with honors, earning an associates degree in both communications and sociology.  Her goal is to pursue a career in social work, where she aspires to make an impact in the Trans community. 

At the Transgender Health and Wellness, Daniella aims to continue the legacy that Thomi Clinton has created.  Her role as Trans Navigator is to maintain and manage the Palm Springs front office, ensuring the proper functioning of the location, and realizing the vision of the organization.  For Daniella, Trans wellness means hope.  With the help of the center, she has been able to help others in their journey while becoming the person she was always meant to be. 

Jaime Parris: 




 Born in Georgia and raised in Western United States.   Jaime is an avid movie watcher and enjoys learning new information.  She is one of the Palm Springs TH&WC electrologist and she graduated from electrology school in 2022.  She is a person with a disability and a disability advocate.  She identifies as a Lesbian and has written and performed comedy.  She loves to write.  

Samantha Yoshida: 


Senior Electrologist for Palm Springs 


Born in California and was raised in the Bay area.  Samantha is Japanese and Caucasian decent.  She has a wife and four kids.  She graduated electrology school in 2021.  She identifies as a lesbian and support lesbian and gender rights.  She and her wife enjoy supporting the LGBTQ+ youth and has a 12-year-old daughter that identifies as transgender female.  Her 13-year-old daughter identifies as Queer and Lesbian.  She is a gamer, and her favorite game is Zelda.  She has three cats named River, Damsel and Lilly, and a bearded dragon named Vecna (named after her favorite show Stranger Things). 


Archie Harper: 




Archie moved to Palm Springs seeking better opportunity after a long hardship in Central California.  She settled with her partner in Morongo Valley to start their new life where she discovered Transgender Community Coalition which is now Transgender Health & Wellness Center.  She began her new life volunteering which allowed her to connect to the Transgender community in Palm Springs.  She worked in the hotel and restaurant industry until she was nominated to by the Transgender Health & Wellness Center to go to the Electrologist Academy to start her new career as an electrologist.  She is an avid animal lover and loves gemstones.   She loves nature and hiking and is known for her dance moves on the dance floor. 

Bill Holzhauer: 




Bill is a member of the Community Outreach team at the Transgender Health & Wellness Center. Bill was born and raised in Southern California and worked in Retail Management for 32 years prior to moving into non-profit work. Bill was the Community Outreach leader in his entire retail management time spanning the entire Inland Empire. Bill has been an advocate and activist for Social Justice, LGBTQIA rights, Homelessness and Migrant Justice. Prior to COVID Bill was working with detention centers and asylum-seeking individuals. Bill joined the Transgender Health and Wellness Center to continue to fostering and support the marginalized members of the LGBTQIA community. As an identified Non-Binary member of the Transgender umbrella, Bill is excited to serve the community and represent the Transgender Health & Wellness Center.

Marylin Hannan: 


Outreach Coordinator 


Born in San Diego and raised in multiple states.  She is our Outreach Coordinator for the County of Riverside offices.  She enjoys politics and policy development and is a big advocate for LGBTQ+ human rights and outreach to marginalized communities. She has degrees in theater, mechanics, and cosmetology.  She is a person with disabilities and a disability advocate. 


Marisol Leos: 


Grants Manager 


Born in Texas and was raised in Indio, California.  Marisol is our grants manager for the organization.  Marisol began her career as a grant’s writer and researcher with CommonSpirit Health before expanding her scope of work into management and compliance at the Transgender Health and Wellness Center. She has extensive experience in the coordination and implementation of federal and private grants throughout their life cycle. Her areas of focus include behavioral health, healthcare, and supportive services.  She oversees our Grant Committee for the Transgender Health & Wellness Center. 


Elizabeth Angulo


Medical Billing and Accounting

She was born in Pomona, California and raised in Coachella Valley. She has two daughters, a son and one granddaughter. Her fury-friend is a German Shepard named Armani. She loves makeup and try new delicacies. She loves to travel and see new and exciting things.

Alyssa Tate


DSVA Program Assistant

Alyssa is an avid gamer, golfer and a lover of anything that can challenge her mind. She is a computer nerd and foodie who loves to cook and try new things.

Skylar Swift Kardon


Communications & Social Media manager

Skylar Swift Kardon (he/him/they/them) is an transmasculine artist, creative director, and graphic designer. They specialize in graphic communications and diverse storytelling centering LGBT+ lives and experiences. Raised in Portland, OR, Skylar relocated to Southern California in 2020, and when not working, enjoys painting outside in the Cali sun.



Housing Specialist

Aria is 64 years old and very active in the transgender community. She serves on the Homeless committee for LGBBTQ+ community, homelessness. She has a passion to assist those that are in TH&WC’s housing and food crises to help them succeed. She has a commercial driver’s license and assists in the client shuttle for food and basic necessities.

City of San Diego

Laurie Merritt 


Senior Register Nurse 


She was born in West Bend, Wisconsin and raised in Wisconsin and Texas, and she moved to California in 2011.  She went to Nursing School in Carolina.  She began to volunteer as a laser nurse for Transgender Health & Wellness Center in 2019 and now is a full employee that oversees our nurses as all locations.   She is an avid plant nurd and animal lover and advocate.  She has three fur-kids, with two left, all are rescues named Sadie (14), DaisyMaye (4) and beloved Hurley (14) whom she lost recently.  She has over 30 years of nursing experience ranging from critical care to home health.  She loves working at the Transgender Health & Wellness Center because it is the only job she truly loves and doesn’t feel like work.  She oversees our Health Equity Committee which reviews and creates policies and procedures for TH&WC with other licensed medical professionals.   


CeCe Collins: 


Register Nurse 


Cece Collins works with the TH&WC providing complimentary laser hair removal services. Volunteering to spend over 200 hours giving this essential gender-affirming care to clients with economic or social barriers to access care. She has been a Registered Nurse for 14 years and works at the Veterans Affairs Hospitals in many different areas including Emergency, Oncology, and Critical-Care. She has certifications in Chemotherapy (Oncology Nurses Society), and Critical care with a subspecialty in cardiac medicine (CCRN-CMC). Through this experience with thousands of patients, she sees that lives can be saved in many ways other than basic resuscitation alone and is proud to provide gender affirming care while expanding Trans visibility; role-modelling a thriving, successful, professional. After a life-long struggle with self-acceptance, she found a community in San Diego. Other Transgender healthcare-professionals demonstrated the importance of visibility and helped her first transition from shame to pride. And, although she has less than 1 year of undergoing medical transition, she is committed to giving back as a caregiver to the community, to extend her success to others struggling in their own ways. Pride, visibility, and community are the tools for building understanding, acceptance and greater community integration. Nothing makes her prouder than the work she does for the TH&WC. 



Celesta Le: 


Senior Electrologist for San Diego 


Celesta Le has been a licensed electrologist for 7 years. In her free time she enjoys hiking, traveling and scuba/snorkeling. She became interested in electrology after having permanent hair removal on her face. She graduated from the EAU Claire Institute of Electrology in Wisconsin and eventually made her way to San Diego. She has a particular interest in medical based electrolysis for transgender/gender non-conforming patients as well as individuals with PCOS. 

She is passionate about fighting the insurance companies that often impose difficult barriers to transgender and gender non conforming people to access gender affirming care.   



Angie Dominguez 


Front Office Trans Navigator


Angie was born and raised in Southern California and recently moved to San Diego to find more community and opportunities. She is very passionate about the LBGBTQ+ community and holds events to bring the community together during her free time. Angie loves to be creative and to be surrounded by nature. Some of their hobbies include making art, going to concerts and spending time with their cat, Willow. They are so excited to work with TH&WC and provide a positive experience for the patients in San Diego!

Ariel A. 




Born in San Diego and raised in Mexico City.  She is a Bilingual Trans Latina and has a degree business management and skin care therapy.  She is one of San Diego TH&WC’s electrologist.  She enjoys dancing and is currently focusing on undocumented persons access to gender affirming care.  She enjoys grant writing and outreach with TH&WC to increase services for those in need.   





Born and raised in San Diego, Sila is a licensed electrologist at TH&WC. When she’s not working, Sila enjoys playing music, going to shows, playing video games, riding her bike, and spending time with her dog. Recently she has also been enjoying baking vegan pastries at the local co-op. Sila is beyond excited to be helping other LGBTQ+ people reach their hair removal goals.  

Valencia Lopez 




Born in Washington DC and raised in Maryland.  She is a Bilingual Trans Latina and Indigenous.  She is an avid activist for LGBTQ+ community.  She loves to apply makeup and help others be beautiful with their makeup skills.  She enjoys fashions shows.  She is an advocate for Indigenous people.


VAATX has requested her photo to not be posted as she transitions but, we found something adorable that matches her personality.




Born and raised Arizona free spirit. I got my electrolysis license in 2022, and have been with TH&WC for the entirety of my career to date. In my off time I’m usually at the beach or playing Xbox 


Casey Bagnall



Casey received her bachelor’s at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, in 2006. After getting her B.S. she decided to get certified in electrolysis, and has since practiced in Massachusetts, North Carolina, and California. In the summer of 2019, she had some medical scares and moved to San Diego, leaving electrolysis altogether. As time passed, Casey decided she wanted to get back to what she enjoyed and was able to connect with TH&WC as a part time electrologist. In her free time, she enjoys reading, working out, animals and dancing.

Eryn Lang


Born and raised throughout the San Diego area, Eryn has always been dedicated to helping the LGBTQ+ community inside and outside professional settings even from a young age. As a queer neurodivergent person, they understand just how important it is for folks to have a supportive circle of professionals and friends. This spark they had of wishing to dedicate themself to helping other queer people only grew more and more when they interned at Positive Images, a LGBTQ+ resource center in Santa Rosa, where they were able to do just that.

Along with their internship, they also have a comprehensive background in academia with both an Associate of Arts in Psychology from Palomar College and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in English from Sonoma State University. While at Sonoma State University specifically, they made several academic achievements: from being inducted into the International Honor Society in Psychology to being on the Dean’s List several times in a row.

When not planning events and getting the Transgender Health and Wellness Center involved in the San Diego community, they can be found sewing anything from costumes to bags, reading whatever books they can get their hands on (though they have a particular interest in old epics), writing about the many fantasy worlds they have conjured up, or hanging out with their kitty Juna (whom they love more than anything else).



Riverside 1

Mads Irving 


Mental Health Trans Navigator 


Mads (they) is white, queer, nonbinary, and neurodivergent and is the mental health trans navigator here at TH&WC. They are passionate about community work, support,  collaboration, and social justice. They are also a dancer and filmmaker and love to make art under a queer neurodivergent lens. They did work with P.L.A.C.E. Performance from 2021-2023, which is a non-profit based in Riverside dedicated to creating performance opportunities for upcoming artists in the Inland Empire. They also briefly worked with The Service Center for Independent Life to help facilitate their Social Connection Workshop for autistic adults. They are really happy to be a part of TH&WC and look forward to continue helping serve our community. 

Amber Butak 




She was born in Redlands and raised in Yucaipa, California.  She is an avid book reader with a favorite series being The Locked Tomb series by Tamsyn Muir and The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien.  She enjoys active forms of weightlifting, hiking and indoor boulder climbing.   



Lina Nunez 




Born and raised in Orange County.  She enjoys raising her two little girls. She loves to cook and try new recipes. She enjoys trying different cultural foods. She enjoys bike riding and hiking.  



Mackenzie Lussier


DVSA Community Outreach Coordinator 


Mackenzie Lussier was born and raised in San Diego, California. She moved to Riverside in the early 2000s and began attending school studying Anthropology. During this time, she was also working at the Riverside Superior Court, moving up to becoming a senior clerical lead worker, before the housing crash of 2007.   

This led to a career pivot and finishing up her bachelor’s degree. She began working in museum education, eventually transitioning to formal education to secure more stable pay and income. During the process of gaining a teaching credential, she came out as a trans woman.  

Then the pandemic happened. It was during this time that she created her media company as she self-taught herself editing and video production. For two years, she was the managing producer of a weekly broadcast of a worship service (and continues to serve as the production director for a weekly live broadcast to today), as well as many special events that could only be shared by video during the pandemic days. It was at this time that she started her small production company “Sundried Video Productions.”  

As the pandemic wound down, she faced some discriminatory barriers in her student teaching that lead her to make a career pivot once again. Now she is happily working in outreach for Transgender Health and Wellness Center where she gets to serve her own community and help prevent some of the barriers she faced while being a visible mentor and role model for trans and queer youth.  

She currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology with a specialization in Archaeology and Museum Education & Management, and a Master of Arts in Education specialized in Universal Design for Learning and Media Integration in Education.  

Mackenzie’s hobbies include miniature building and painting, table-top gaming, camping, videography, and film. 


We are still waiting for a photo from Taylor. So we found something adorable to distract in the meantime.


Taylor Rosario-Price




Bio Coming Soon….


Sol Lutzke


Sol is a transmasc non-binary lesbian born and raised in the Inland Empire. They are passionate about community and all forms of social justice, and have been vegan for seven years. They have experience volunteering and working with local trans and queer communities, including working at Rainbow Pride Youth Alliance. Sol is excited to serve the trans community through outreach. They enjoy playing guitar, going to concerts, bike riding, cooking, and reading. .


City of Riverside

Shama Patel 


Register Nurse for Riverside Offices 


Born and raised in California. Presently Registered Nurse.  Going to school to become Nurse Practitioner.  Her goal is to provide long lasting relationships with the patients and quality care.  Her favorite food is Mexican and loves to watch basketball. She loves to cook a wide variety of foods and takes care of her grandma.


Bijon Caputo 


Senior Trans Navigator

She was born and raised in the Inland EmpireShe is our Senior Trans NavigatorShe has hotel and hospitality management background and strives to provide a positive experience at the Riverside OfficesShe loves her fur-babies, two cats (Grizwald and Grommash) and a dog (Velka)The is an avid dungeons and dragons game player and loves art. 


Lilly Rangle 


Senior Electrologist for the Riverside Locations 

 Born in Los Angeles and raised in raised in Mexico and is our Senior Electrologist. She enjoys 3D Printing and sewing.  She loves to hike and helps the community.   With her employment she assists her mother father in Mexico.   


Ida Dagher 




Born in Syria and then lived in California. She loves to cook, and is a people person.  Her primary focus is her family and her job.   


Jennifer Figueredo 




Born and raised in Los Angeles County.  She speaks fluent English and enjoys being a mom to her children.  She enjoys helping others and she is also a licensed Esthetician.   She considers herself a lifetime learner and enjoys learning new things.