Supervisor For patients receiving medical care at the Transgender Health and Wellness Center we provide a fellowship of mental health providers supervised by Dr. Juan Moriel. We provide counseling to support your emotional and physical well-being. The Transgender Health and Wellness Center is committed to providing these services in an affirming way. Sex positive, culturally sensitive, gender affirming, with risk reduction principles are providing in a caring affirming way. We promote patient self-determination and help the patient navigate complex issues as they work towards authentic living to their self-determination.

Patients from other primary care physicians and providers also have free access to our free mental health clinic. Here, the patient can receive quality mental healthcare care that is gender affirming. A referral to this clinic begins with an email or phone call to (760) 202/4308 or

Transgender, gender non-conforming and intersex individuals are the primary focus at the Transgender Health and Wellness Center. The Transgender Counseling and Education session aims to offer a specialized approach to support these severely marginalized persons. Discussion about intersectionality’s, social determinants and systemic barriers are important discussions to live authentically.

Support groups are provided to help deter social isolation. Mental health disparities allow individuals to share their experiences and stories in a non-judgmental environment. Transitioning can be complex but, often those that have lived through that experience find it informative to help those that have just begun.


Transgender, gender non-conforming, and Intersex adolescents, youth, and young adults struggle with their family’s understanding and supporting their transitioning. Often, it takes educating family members about what it means to transition and why this is occurring. When a person often comes out as Trans* the family member is also coming out with them. The process to develop a loving and affirming family is important to the adolescent, youth, and young adults’ success in society. Our mental health providers help both the parents and guardians and their children to understand one another. This helps in providing the building blocks for adolescents, youth, and young adults to reach their highest potential.


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