Marsha P. John LGBTQ+ Youth Drop In Center

Marsha P. Johnson LGBTQ+ Youth Drop-In Center 

is located at

340 S. Farrell Drive, Suite A106

Palm Springs, CA 92262

Phone Number:  (760) 464-0223

for more information please email

*Unauthorized adults must check in at suite A106

TH&WC is excited to announce the opening of the Marsha P. Johnson LGBTQ+ Youth Drop-In Center in Palm Springs next to Palm Springs High School.

Our intention is to provide a safer space and to be a resource for LGBTQ+ youth in the Coachella Valley. Our mission is to support and assist LGBTQ+ youth to find their power and to offer resources for the youths continued development with a focus on mental health and skill set development. Crisis counseling, Mentoring, Linkage to free mental health program “Healing Rainbows”, Online/In-person support groups, Youth centered social events, Food and hygiene pantry, Game Room, Juvenile Justice Prevention, and Homework assistance are just some of the services and resources that are available.