Support groups for trans, gender nonconforming, and intersex individuals

Looking for Trans Health Palm Springs? We are here to help you. Besides a beautiful view of the mountains, we provide social services such as name and gender change, assistance for clothing, food, housing, employment, resume building, and speech pathology/voice training. We also offer support groups for trans, gender nonconforming, and intersex individuals to help with their emotional and psychological support during the transitional process.

Support for gender-affirming surgeries & free mental health

There’s also support for gender-affirming surgeries, in which individuals learn from others who have been through the process. These mentors help our clients to avoid complications and deal with their fears. We provide free mental health assistance under the supervision of Dr. Juan Moriel, as well as a fellowship of mental health interns who specialize in crisis intervention, life coaching, and other behavioral health issues.

Accepts most insurances telehealth electrolysis hormones and more!

The Palm Springs office accepts most insurances, and we do a lot of mental health appointments via telehealth. We are also known as experts in the field of laser hair reduction. We use pulse light therapy to reduce unwanted hair that is considered medically necessary to be removed. We also provide permanent hair removal with electrolysis. In the very near future, we are looking forward to offering gender-affirming primary care. This will allow our clients to come in for medical check-ups, hormone replacement therapy, gynecological assessments, and more. One of the most exciting aspects of our Palm Springs office is that it boasts a staff of 90% trans people. This makes our office unique among agencies dedicated to helping the trans community.

The Transgender Health and Wellness Center is here for you!

The Transgender Health and Wellness Center, Palm Springs office is located in the Abbey Office Center across from Palm Springs High school. Our clients love the beautiful view from our office balcony that looks out at the breathtaking San Jacinto mountains. The office is a safe space where clients are free to relax on the patio or even use our conference room to hold small events. The office has a cyber café for resume building, internet research, and checking email. We also allow homeless people to have their mail sent here. Additionally, we have numerous video game consoles for the LGBTQ youth, so kids have a place to come for drop-in. The Palm Springs office is the headquarters for all four of our locations, and where we provide the bulk of our services.

Our goal is to create a truly trans-affirming environment for you. So you feel like we know exactly what you’re going through. Hours are 11-5 M-F, but with Covid, it’s only by appointment.

Electrolysis Machines is funded by the John P. Monahan Foundation. Thank You, John!


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