The Riverside 1 office is located right next to 7/11. If you can find the 7/11 you can find us! Once you get to our building, the Transgender Health & Wellness Center is on the 2nd story, next to the elevator.

Our primarily focuses is Laser Hair Removal & Electrolysis


This office primarily focuses on laser hair reduction and electrolysis. At this location, we also provide social services and linkage to care referrals, hygiene materials, and some foods for those in food crisis. If we can’t help you at this location, we will most probably refer you to our main office.  There are several trans and genderqueer people working in this office, who understand exactly what our clients are going through.  The Riverside office accepts most insurances and does mental health appointments via telehealth.

We also offer Pulse Light treatment, IPL, “photo facial”

At this office, we also do Intense Pulse Light treatment, (known as IPL or “photo facial.”) IPL is a collagen stimulator for feminization and scar reduction. So, for example, if a client has had a bilateral mastectomy, we can help resurface the scars to provide a more authentic visual look. You may qualify through your insurance for this service if deemed medically necessary. It’s best to call for an appointment.

​We find ways for insurance to cover your laser hair reduction and electrolysis

Services that we provide, produce revenue for direct support to the less fortunate in the transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex community. We provide emergency clothing for LGBTQ+ abused foster children seeking new placement, emergency clothing for those kicked out for who they are, transitional clothing, name and gender change assistance, emergency hygiene supplies, pet, and human food, free mental health, and much more.


  • Initial Intake Form
  • Hair Removal
  • Find Employment
  • Mental Health Services
  • Find Housing

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